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6 November 2021 Call for Papers: THE SIXTH GLOBAL CREATIVE INDUSTRIES CONFERENCE 第六屆全球創意產業研討會 Artists, Markets, and Survival 藝術的生存 生存的藝術
6 May 2020 Recruitment: Lecturer in China Studies and Global Creative Industries in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
30 May 2019 International Forum: Cultural Power, Business and Creative Industries in East Asia
10 Apr. 2019 Talk: What is Persona Studies? Its value for the study of online culture and the transformation of our contemporary world(s)
31 Mar. 2017 Local Music and Cultural Politics in Hong Kong 香港本土音樂與文化政治
26 Nov. 2015 Global Creative Industries Forum From Culture to Business: A Crossover
24 Apr. 2015 Seminar: (Re) Creating Creative Industries in Hong Kong
22 Apr. 2015 Seminar: Subcultures in Flow, Visual Solidarity and Trauma in East Asia
18 Apr. 2015 Conference: From Culture to Business and Vice Versa
3 Feb-2 Mar. 2015 Passing on the Tradition with Creativity - Family Heritage and Creativity Forum Series 2014–2015
22-23 Nov. 2014 3rd International (Non)Western Fashion Conference: The Global Politics of Fashion
22 Mar. 2014 文化的延續: 文化創意產業的出路研討會
11 Feb. 2014 Creative Management in Luxury Industry Programme
10-14 Feb. 2014 Global Creative Industries Presents: Movie Week 2014
8 Nov. 2014 Call for Papers: The Ninth Annual Conference - The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong (ASAHK)
22 Oct. 2013 Talk: Learn about the new trend in Hollywood: TransMedia, the future of entertainment and media
9 Oct. 2013 Briefing Session: Creative Management in Luxury Industry Programme
27-28 Mar. 2013 Workshop: Young Scholars Workshop on Creativity in Cultural and Business Practices
26-27 Mar. 2013 Workshop: Film Production in the Greater China Region
24-25 Mar. 2013 Conference: Politics of Creative Industries: Critical Reflections
24-28 Mar. 2013 Global Creative Encounters

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